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Supply Chain

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Port shipment

Logistics Team
24/7 delivery service; professional personnel can efficiently operate trucks, trains and ship transportation; on-site monitoring service, in order to make sure the safety of goods, effective loading.
Truck Transport
60 vehicles / day, 30-33 tons / vehicle, over 2000 tons of goods per day, the annual transport capacity of 400 thousand tons.
The truck before shipment must be clean, dry, in the process of transportation covered tarpaulin trucks from dust proof; it only takes 8 hours from Wanli factory to Tianjin or Qingdao port.
container and bulk cargo transport can be provided, accessible to North America, South America, the Middle East, Australia, South Asia and other regions, covering 30 million square kilometers, more than 20 countries and regions
Third Supervision
in addition to Wan Li's own logistics team supervision, we can also provide third party monitoring service, such as SGS, etc.


Wanli has established a number of ports and inland storage points in the USA, Argentina, the Middle East and other countries and regions, and though cooperation with the third party logistics companies, to force real-time update inventory quantity, can be the first time for the local customer to deploy goods, arrange or coordinate the vehicle transport goods to the customer designated oil well side, to achieve the real spot supply and goods distribution, change the customer purchasing mode.

Logistics Service

01Domestic Distribution

Wanli factory is located in hi-tech Development Zone, Quliang town, Xinmi City, obvious location advantages, convenient transportation, with a large warehouse in the local and professional logistics companies. In China, we can satisfy the customer's vehicle transportation, railway transportation requirements, achieve full-zero damage, provides the logistics and distribution services for all customers.

02Foreign Distribution

Wanli and international well-known logistics companies have cooperated and established warehousing and logistics transshipment base in North America, South America, Middle East ports and inland points, covering major oil and gas blocks, and provide spot services and 7/24 trucks, train distribution services for North America, South America and Middle East customers.

Finance Service

Supply chain, through the control of information flow, logistics, capital flow, starting from the procurement of raw materials, made of intermediate products and final products, the final sales network to the product to consumers, the suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, Retailers, end users even into a whole function of the network structure. It is not only a logistics chain, information chain and capital chain that connect suppliers to users, but also a value-added chain, which increases the value of materials in the supply chain due to the process of processing, packaging and transportation and brings benefits to related enterprises.

Wanli knows well that supply chain finance is important for industrial companies, therefore actively seeking for cooperation with banks and other financial institutions. At present Wanli has constructed some relevant cooperation with the State Development Bank, Zhengzhou bank, Minsheng Bank China, Construction Bank China and the German Possehl company. Such as the cooperation makes Wanli has a strong financial strength, not only can provide a more reasonable account for customers, but also support the local currency.