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Time: 2018-01-18

On December 29, 2017, Wanli Industry held a year-end party celebrating 2018 at the elegant hall of Accor Hotel. Starting from half past two in the afternoon, through the careful planning of the staff behind the scenes, the event officially started at half past five.

At the initial stage of the activity, first is the game session, the formal warm-up exercise before eating. Under the leadership of the host, the game is divided into three areas: singing song, apple and turn clothes. The entire personnel is divided into four groups, each member of the mutual cooperation to accomplish the goal. According to the completion of the goal of scoring, and ultimately in accordance with the level of each group to give different levels of reward.

Throughout the process, the members of the group actively participated in the game. The division of labor and cooperation worked together to accomplish each task which was quite difficult. The warm atmosphere conveys the festive festival of New Year's Day well.

The company then commended and presented the teams and individuals who had made outstanding achievements over the past year.

Welcome New Year, we have to embark on a new journey. On our way, we would like to work together hand in hand to lay a solid foundation for the near future and achieve more brilliant achievements!