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Time: 2018-01-18

Christmas is an important festival of Christianity, scheduled for December 25 each year to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ, but also a common celebration of the secular festival.

Every Christmas has the following customs:

Santa Claus: Westerners spend Christmas, parents put their children's Christmas gifts in socks, hanging on the children's bed on Christmas Eve. The next day, the first thing the children woke up was looking for a gift from Santa Claus on the bedside.

Christmas tree: Allegedly, the Christmas tree hanging on behalf of the holy cakes cookie, symbolizing atonement; also lit candles, a symbol of Christ.

Christmas hat: It is a red hat, said to go to sleep at night in addition to sleep soundly and a little warm outside, the next day you will find more in the hat of lover who sent a gift. In the carnival night it is the protagonist of the audience, no matter where you go, will see a wide range of red hat.

Christmas Card: It is a greeting card for Christmas and New Year with pictures of the birth of Jesus and wishing words such as "Christmas Celebration" and "Happy New Year".

Christmas socks: The earliest is a pair of red big socks, size. Because Christmas socks are used to hold gifts, they are children's favorite things. In the evening, they will hang their socks at the bed and wait for the gift the next morning.