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The short introduction of Halloween Back ->

Time: 2018-01-18

Halloween eve is "Halloween" meaning. Halloween has become one of the most popular festivals in a year, many people who have great enthusiasm to celebrate this festival. Halloween night before November 1st, in fact, is to praise the autumn festival.

In western countries, every year 10 month 31 day, a Halloween. The eve of All of Saints's Day, Chinese regard it as Halloween night. Halloween is a traditional festival in western countries. This night is the most haunted a year in the night, so also called Halloween. Most Chinese area often mistakenly think that they are the same. Hallow comes from the Middle English halwen, which close to holy in etymology. Some areas of Scottish and Canadian, Halloween is still called All Hallow Mas, is in honor of all saints, that day, to be held at the service.

Ancient Gaul, Britain and Ireland, the priest - Druid autumn a grand festival of praise, from the beginning of the afternoon after Halloween, until the next November 1st continued all day. They believe that their great death that night - the dead shaman that summoned the ghost of all, these evil spirits are subject to care for livestock penalty. Of course, as long as the thought of such a gathering of ghosts, was enough to make simple minded fools who tremble with fear of. So they lit up the fire, and close surveillance of these evil spirits