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Time: 2020-07-23

The biggest black swan event in 2020 is no doubt the covid-19 pandemic, many industry experienced crisis and opportunity. Similarly, the rise of Wanshenshan Company has put forward more and higher requirements for every Wanli person. A person's IQ determines how fast he goes, continuous learning ability determines how far you could walk. In order to improve the professional ability of employees and the quality of customer service, the sales team of Wanli launched the sales elite special training camp with the theme of "Turn your goals into results and demonstrate your existential value" on July 17 and 18, 2020.

The first day of training is leadership empowerment. In this age of information explosion, the greatest danger is not the explosion itself, but still using the logic of the past. The first day's study makes us understand what the purpose of the work is, how to turn the goal into an outcome, how to think with forward-looking thinking, how to mobilize the team to solve challenging problems.

The next day, we learned how to gather team wisdom and create value for customers. Successful sales is not accidental, the era of mediocrity and busyness has passed. Only by constantly digging the real needs of customers, can we solve the "pain point" of customers, create value for customers, and win the trust of customers!

Provide the best quality for customers, provide the most ideal environment for employees, be the most reliable partner for competitors, and provide the most valuable spirit of the times for the society. Wanli has been working hard!