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Wanli Celebrated the New Year Back ->

Time: 2020-01-21

On January 18, 2020, Wanli people gathered together to celebrate the New Year. The conference kicked off in a warm atmosphere.

Among the enthusiastic applause and gaze of the crowd, first of all, President Wang was invited to speak on stage. He led us to recall the past, look at the present, and show the future. His strong voice keeps us brave from the storm. His enthusiastic words have made Wanli people unite together and work together to create the future.

In a heated atmosphere, the director of management department showed us the overall operating status of Wanli in 2019. Her speech was concise and powerful. Behind every data was the hard work and labor of all Wanli people. Her speech made us deeply feel the glory of being a member of Wanli team. She inspired us to build up courage and achieve great results in the coming new year.

After the leader's speech, the evening show officially started. After the two-hour performance, everyone started the feast, the party ended in a peaceful and warm atmosphere.

Wanli wish you all be great in the year of the mouse, happy 2020!