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Time: 2019-11-28

Thanksgiving Day is a traditional western festival. It mainly popular in the United States and Canada in North America. But Thanksgiving Day is not the same day in the United States and Canada. The parliament Department of Canada listed Thanksgiving Day as a legal holiday later than in the United States. But the first Thanksgiving Day in Canada is 40 years earlier than in the United States.

Thanksgiving Day in Canada is celebrated on the second Monday in October. Unlike the American tradition of remembering the Pilgrims and settling down in the new world, Canadians are mainly grateful for the success from the helping of God. Thanksgiving in Canada is earlier than Thanksgiving in the United States. A simple fact is that because Canada is closer to the north. The harvest season in Canada is earlier than that in the United States.

The United States and Canada are basically the same In terms of customs and habits. Food customs include: roast turkey, pumpkin pie, cranberry moss jam, sweet potato, corn. Activities include: playing Cranberry competition, corn game, pumpkin race; holding costume parade, drama performance or sports competition and other integrated activities, and having corresponding holidays for two days. People in the distance will go home to be reunited with their relatives. Now there are also habits such as exempting Turkey and shopping on Black Friday. There are many similarities between Thanksgiving in the United States and Canada, such as cornucopia and pumpkin pie, which are filled with flowers, fruits and grains to symbolize abundance. The food on the table of Thanksgiving dinner in Canada is usually different from the change of region and time. Some are venison and waterfowl, some are wild ducks and geese. But at present, they are mainly Turkey and ham.

On Thanksgiving Day in the United States, thousands of people, no matter how busy, have to get together with their families and enjoy a rich holiday dinner together. In addition, people will go to the church to pray for Thanksgiving according to the custom. And there will be costume parades, drama performances and sports competitions in urban and rural towns. Schools and shops will also have holidays according to the regulations. The children also dressed in bizarre costumes, painted faces or put on masks to sing and play trumpets in the street. Scattered in other places, the family will also go home for the festival. The family will sit in groups, enjoy delicious turkey and appreciate their families. The schools usually ask their students to draw a picture of Thanksgiving after Thanksgiving. Most of the students draw Turkey.

Canadians also get together with their families. Roast turkey and pumpkin pie are the most classic Thanksgiving pictures. The traditional roast turkey is stuffed with bread cubes, onions, celery and sage in the chicken's belly, and then put into the oven to bake enough to serve. Most housewife like to buy a big turkey, because if she can't finish eating that day, she can change into Turkey pie. As for pumpkin pie, the most traditional way to eat in Canada is to drench with cranberry sauce. The secret of making pumpkin pie is that the canned pumpkin is more delicious than the fresh one.

France, Britain and other European countries are not interested in Thanksgiving. British people don't celebrate Thanksgiving Day. For them, the only most important holiday is Christmas. Europeans don't have the experience of the American continent. And there's no need to thank the Indians far away on another continent. So they don't have Thanksgiving. Because the festival has a deep American history, and involves the religion at that time. Many people think that Thanksgiving is a popular holiday in Europe and the United States. In fact, this is wrong. Generally speaking, it is very impolite to congratulate the Europeans "Happy Thanksgiving" on Thanksgiving Day, which is likely to cause antipathy.