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Time: 2019-04-04

Qingming Festival, also called “Tomb-sweeping Festival, is one of the Chinese traditional festival. It usually falls on April 4 or April 5. Qingming Festival also is the Qingming Term, one of the 24 Solar Terms, and also is the Solar Terms.

Qingming Festival have a long history. It’s stem from the Spring and Autumn Fete.

In this Festival, people visit their ancestors’ tombs with food, wine, fruits, joss sticks and zhiqian. Food, wine and fruits are put in the front of the tomb and then the joss sticks and hell money are burned. Also, people clean up weeds and sweep away leaves around the tomb to show their filial piety to their ancestors.

People also plant trees, fly the kite, go on spring outing, ware willow branch, eat cold food in this Festival. It’s the time of everything thriving, the sun is shining, the air is fresh. In this great time, Wanli wish all our customer have a great harvest, we will try our best to keep providing the best services for our clients.