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China officially launched the "Blue Sky Plan", and the oil industry has a long way to go! Back ->

Time: 2018-08-30

On July 3, 2018, the "Notice of the State Council on the action plan for the three years of defending the blue sky" was released, hereinafter referred to as the "Action Plan". The Action Plan proposes six aspects of the mission measures and the lead agencies, and clarifies the quantitative indicators and time limits for completion. Compared with the Air Pollution Prevention and Control Action Plan (hereinafter referred to as “Atmosphere Ten”) issued in 2013, the Action Plan has comprehensively improved the setting of target indicators.

The Action Plan requires that the PM2.5 concentration in cities that have not reached the standard level will fall by more than 18% in five years, and the targeted requirements for a 15% reduction in total sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions will be added; at the same time, we have quantified the improvement target of excellent days. It is required that the ratio of days with superior air quality at the prefecture level and above will reach 80% in 2020, and the ratio of heavy pollution and above pollution days will be more than 25% lower than that in 2015.

After three years of efforts, the total amount of major air pollutants will be greatly reduced, and greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced in concert, further reducing the concentration of fine particulate matter (PM2.5), significantly reducing the number of days of heavy pollution, significantly improving the quality of ambient air, and significantly enhancing the people Happiness of the blue sky.

As far as the oil industry is concerned, the introduction of the Action Plan means that the industry will have to bear more pressure and responsibility. The "Action Plan" clearly requires that the construction of natural gas production, supply and marketing systems be well done. Strive to achieve 10% of natural energy consumption in 2020. The amount of newly added natural gas is preferentially used for the replacement of urban residents and areas with severe air pollution and the replacement of warm coal in winter. The key points are to support the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and the surrounding areas and the plains to achieve “increasing gas and reducing coal”. The natural gas pipeline network interconnection and intercommunication will be completed within a limited time, and the “South Gas Transmission” gas transmission channel will be opened.

Domestic demand for natural gas has shown explosive growth in recent years, but due to innate resources, China's natural gas production cannot meet the growing domestic market demand. Therefore, the increase in supply needs to be replaced by imported gas. The introduction of the Action Plan further strengthened environmental law enforcement. Under the background of adhering to the iron and wrist pollution control, the full use of environmental protection technologies such as online monitoring, oil and petrochemical enterprises are facing more environmental pressures.

Whether it is upstream exploration and development, refinery production in the middle reaches, and downstream oil sales, there is also tremendous pressure. In the upper, middle and lower reaches, in accordance with the requirements of HSE, we must adhere to the concept of "lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets" to do environmental protection work.

More environmental pressures are not only more important in terms of thinking, but in terms of action, it is necessary to invest heavily in environmental protection facilities to ensure that all indicators meet the standards. Otherwise, the means of continuous punishment, seizure and seizure, and limited production and production suspension will be used.